“We have a range of formulas that have proven clinical results to support these facts. Our formulas are registered medicines with high success rates because they solve the primary causes of infertility. We have a long list of successful couples who have achieved their dreams“ - Dr Martin

"79% of couples we've helped have had their baby without IVF and at a fraction of the price."

How Can We Help with Fertility Problems and Solutions?

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Our online store provides a one stop shopping experience with solutions to your infertility problems. We offer a variety of formulas and packages to help with the various issues you may be facing, whether it be pre-conception, conception or pregnancy problems. This ensures that you can easily access the high quality care you require to help you achieve your dreams.

Fertility issues can affect both men and women at various stages of their life and be devastating for those looking to start a family or have more children. There are ways to combat different conditions associated with infertility that may assist in promoting better fertility outcomes. By browsing our website there may be a solution to help aid you with your medical issue.

What we help to treat

We produce a variety of formulas that can help a variety of conditions including male infertility to improve sperm count, morphology and motility, resolve endometritis, remove PCOS, restore low AMH levels to improve egg quality, and IVF support to improve outcomes just to name a few.

We understand that these issues may be troubling for you or your partner and can cause some distress. That is why we are here to provide a solution to your fertility problems. We do this through our innovative and ground-breaking formulas that have been shown to aid infertility, helping to increase chances of pregnancy within 3 to 6 months.

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We also offer online consultations to help make the process simpler for those who wish to access more information and want advice as to what products may be right for them. Visit our online store now or contact us for more information as to what product is right for you.

“We Could not have
done it without you.

‘Great knowledge, great service, great product
Great everything!
We have been telling everybody about you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you’

Emma & Ellie
AMH level 0.8-pregnant in 6 months

“We were ready to give up after 6 years of trying…

“I have to be honest and say we didn’t put much hope in this. We had been disappointed so many other times.

We felt like we were just throwing away our money time after time.

Now looking into the eyes of our 9 month old baby girl it was all worth while. Thankyou Dr Martin for helping us make our dreams come true!”

Melissa & Charlie – Quebec Canada
AMH level 0.2 – Pregnant in 9 months.

“Your really made a difference!

We felt so lost. We were getting so much advice but none of it seemed a fit for us. Then a friend who had success with you recommended us.
For the first time someone was talking our language.

With a whole slate of medical problems in the way, we were pregnant 7 months later! We could not be happier. Thank you”

Kate Ash and Cody – Mackay, Australia
AMH level 1.6