About Advanced Fertility Solutions

Why do we think people need these products?

Solving fertility issues is not always straight forward.

Further more solutions appear to be everywhere. Tips and tricks from friends, forums on the internet, blog posts and good and bad websites. Vitamins, minerals and supplements sport various claims of success but are not obliged to deliver them. Finally when these fail, struggling couples turn to the various medical industries for support.

If there is so much out there to solve these problems, why do so many people still have problems?

Who do you listen to?

Advanced Fertility Solutions was born of a need to provide effective fertility solutions to real world problems.

Backed by science, research and clinical trials the line-up of formulas deserves their place in the field of modern health care.

Education is so important.

Solving health problems at the source and return their body to its natural state seems logical, but it is not how much of medicine takes care of people.

Drugs to take over how your body works and surgeons to take out what can’t seem to be fixed are the benchmark of women’s fertility journeys and there is nothing natural about it at all.

Modern treatment has brought great imbalance to peoples bodies and  lives.

Returning our bodies to the way they are supposed to function is within reach of so many people. This is what Advanced Fertility Solutions’ formulas do.

Helping people realise why natural health is so important to natural fertility is the first step.

Unity as purpose.

No one health provider has all the answers, but somewhere between modern ad traditional wisdom out there the truth lies.

We want our clients to have the best possible chances of success. Knowing the value of other treatments available is the best way to provide a rounded perspective. Our content will help you make smart choices.

Embracing the best of each other.

Our products and advice is not a narrow view. We accept the pros and cons of all fertility options out there. In this site you will find many answers that you may not find elsewhere.

Our mission is to support each other to better the lives and outcomes of the people of the world who need better answers and better treatments.

Dr Scott Martin – M.TCM M.ACU


Dr Martin has a masters degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and is the director at Australian Natural Fertility located in Australia.

Dr Martin is the advisor for the Chinese medicine formulas that has achieved the results outlined in the research by Dr Summers.

His rise in the fertility world was not deliberate. His success with fertility treatments created that for him.

He achieved his Masters degree in September 2011 at the University of Western Sydney.

Dr January Summers MD Ob/Gyn


Dr January Summers is a retired medical doctor who did her Ob Gyn training at  Johns Hopkins hospital in Maryland Ohio.

She worked in  IVF  for 15 years. It was when she found her own battle with low AMH, and used Chinese medicine to have her child, she left the profession, and went into full time research.

After years of research and collaboration Advanced Fertility Solutions was formed.