long-lasting solution to endometriosis treatment
Surgery is not the only option for Endometriosis.

Resolve Endometriosis.

The ultimate aim of this formula is to have you with regular, pain free periods with a fresh red flow with no clots or discomfort. If at the end of 3 months you are still suffering some discomfort, you should continue the treatment for a few more months until it is completely resolved.

Once completely resolved it should stay away for years at a time.

Do you want a long-lasting solution to endometriosis treatment?

Studies have confirmed that using Chinese herbal medicine to treat endometriosis is very effective. You can have years of pain gone in as little as three months. Compared to surgery and ongoing hormone therapy our formulas are just as effective. What is the bonus? Non-invasive, non-surgical, no side-effects providing a long-lasting solution to endometriosis treatment.

On this page, you will discover a whole new way to think about endometriosis treatment.

What is endometriosis? Endometriosis treatment

Endometriosis is the abnormal growth of endometrial tissue outside of the uterus. Endometrial cells in your cervix create a layer of blood called the endometrium. The endometrium is the soil for the egg to implant into and grow into a baby. When one has endometriosis, these cells grow around the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and intestines. In rare cases also found in the lungs and brains. Why this happens is currently beyond medical explanation.

Should period pain be normal? Watch this video.

Why does endometriosis hurt so much?

Endometrial cells outside of the uterus create problems. Endometrial cells secrete blood. The menstrual flow washes away old endometrium. When endometrial cells flourish outside of the uterus, there is nothing to remove it: this is because endometrium is not supposed to grow in these areas.

Abnormal endometrial cells do not get washed away by the monthly menstrual flow. The result of this is patches of old dead blood. These block the normal flow of blood through these areas. It prevents other cells from receiving nourishment from the blood.
When cells lack the flow of blood to nourish them, alarms cry out in the form of pain: this lets the body know that there is a problem.

Watch this video to see how period pain turns into endometriosis for 176 million women worldwide.

Why does endometriosis occur? E ndometriosis treatment

Modern medicine and science do not know why. Current theories believe not all the endometrium exits the vagina during menstruation. Some wash back through the reproductive organs leaving deposits of blood to settle. This is ‘retrograde flow.’ Chinese medicine calls this blood stasis.
The following video makes understanding blood flow very easy.

Endometriosis treatment

How does endometriosis affect my fertility?

It is blood that nourishes all the cells in your body. Much like you need food to live, your cells need the nutrition contained in the blood to live. If blood cannot reach the cells, they die. If blood can never return to these cells because of blockages of old blood, they can never repair. The reproductive organs associated with these cells can malfunction. Interruptions to the flow of blood throughout your reproductive organs create widespread malfunctions. It is blood that forms the soil of your endometrium for the egg to implant into and grow into a baby. It is also blood that feeds and nurtures your baby. If blood does not flow, life will not flourish and neither will a baby. Like a garden needs water, your body and baby needs blood.

This video makes endometriosis very easy to understand.


Medical solutions Endometriosis treatment

Hormone therapies such as the pill or progesterones can help the problem. Long-term outcomes for hormone therapies are poor. 50% – 70% of women using hormone therapy do not get better. In those it does not help, endometriosis continues to grow. You may not feel it as much. Often, once you come off the pill, the endometriosis is in fact much worse and you may need surgery.

Surgery in the form of a laparoscopy will burn off unwanted endometrial tissue. Outcomes can leave the patient pain free for up to six months. After six months the endometriosis returns and creates problems again. Remission rates are 68%. Surgery appears to take care of the symptoms but does not stop the problem returning. Remission can be prevented if you fall pregnant in the six months after your laparoscopy.

Watch this video to see all medical treatment options.

Chinese herbal formulas are effective at removing endometriosis. These formulas remove old blood excreted by the endometrial cells. They remove endometriosis from inside and outside of the uterus. Removing the endometriosis allows the cells, and reproductive organs can function again. Remission rates are low.

Trials have compared Chinese herbal medicine to surgery and hormone therapy. The results are very promising.
Three months of Endometriosis and Period Pain formula can resolve endometriosis. When compared to surgery and hormone therapy, these formulas are a better option.

Watch this video to understand why Chinese herbal formulas are better.

See here how Endometriosis and Period pain formulas work.

Formulas included in the Endometriosis Solution

Endometriosis Formula

Surgery is not the only option for Endometriosis treatment. There is a safe and effective treatment for endometriosis. You may need surgery and can keep it away for years at a time.

Endometriosis formula is a fast-acting endometriosis treatment. It resolves the build-up of endometriosis within and outside of your uterus. The formula removes all old and leftover endometrial tissue from previous menstrual cycles. Leaving you with a clean and healthy uterus.

We recommend taking Endometriosis Formula for three full menstrual cycles. In that time you should notice a strong decrease in the amount of period pain. Clots in the period go for large to small to gone. The menstrual flow returning to a pain-free normal fresh, red and healthy flow.

Use Period Pain Formula in your endometriosis treatment. It improves the pain killing action of the formula. It reduces the sensation of cramps. Period Pain formula also promotes the growth of new blood to replace lost blood during the period. Take Period Pain Formula with Endometriosis Formula for best results.

The aim of this formula is to create regular, pain-free periods with a fresh red flow with no clots or discomfort. If you have symptoms at the end of three months you should continue treatment. Once all symptoms are completely resolved it should stay away.

Period Pain Formula

Most women believe that period pain is a normal part of life. When you suffer pain at any other time of the month it means that something is wrong. Why is it different when you have your period?
Young women are poorly treated for period pain. The contraceptive pill starts at an early age. Most discover many years later that their problems are worse. The contraceptive pill did not solve the problem. It only masked the symptoms.
A woman’s menstrual health is very important to her health. A normal healthy period should be approximately 28 days, give or take a day or two. 3 – 5 days of fresh red blood, no pain, no PMS, equals no problems.
We recommend taking Period Pain Formula for one week before the period starts. Continue until the period has finished.
Repeat this for as many cycles as necessary until the pain is completely resolved.
Do you suffer very strong, chronic or debilitating pain? Include Endometriosis Formula with Period Pain Formula and take both daily. Use until all symptoms have gone. This may take 3 – 5 cycles. In that time you should notice a strong decrease in the amount of period pain. PreMenstrual Stress will be a thing of the past. Clots in the period going away from large to small to none. The menstrual flow will return to a normal fresh, red and healthy flow. endometriosis treatment
Period Pain Formula improves the pain killing action of the formula. It reduces the pain and the sensation of cramps. It also promotes the growth of new blood. Blood needs replacing, making up the loss during the period. Take Period Pain Formula with Endometriosis Formula for best results.
Use this formula for the right amount of time. You will have regular, pain-free periods with a fresh red flow with no clots or discomfort. After three months, if you still have symptoms, continue the treatment. After a few more months it should be completely resolved.  endometriosis treatment
Once your symptoms are gone, endometriosis will stay away long-term.

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