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IVF Support

The only real difference you can make to IVF outcomes
is what you do outside of the IVF clinic, not in it.

I’m trying to save you a fortune. I mean it. There is a lot of money to be saved by taking in what I’m about to say to you. So please listen carefully.

Your IVF doctor may have suggested you have a 50% chance of falling pregnant using IVF, they may have told you that you will most likely be pregnant in 5 cycles, and there are probably statistics out there to support those claims, but this is the actual reality. In first world countries the average cost of a successful IVF outcome is $40000 with an average live birth date of 18%. What that means is that for every 100 IVF procedures done 18 women will have their baby, the other 82 will have to try again, and this is the actual real world reality of IVF success rates.

IVF technology is shared the world over, with doctors using the same procedures and same pharmaceuticals on women throughout the world. Like I said before the only real difference you can make to IVF outcomes is what you do outside of the IVF clinic, not in it. If you have undiagnosed infertility and are preparing for an IVF cycle, our IVF support formulas 1 and 2 could be the very thing that turns you from an IVF statistic into a pregnant mother. IVF support 1 and 2 are not a vitamin supplement, these are carefully selected Chinese herbal medicine ingredients designed to help your body and reproductive system work as naturally and effectively as they can, so when you IVF doctor places a fertilized egg into your fallopian tube, you have the best chance of falling pregnant.

Take our formulas IVF Support for at least one month before you transfer, 3 months is the best and save a fortune in on-going IVF cycles because you did not win the IVF lotto this round. If you have diagnosed infertility please look at our options for solving those problems before throwing your money into IVF. Remember the more natural fertility problems you have, the less likely your artificial fertility solution ( IVF) is to succeed.

Solve your fertility issues the smart way.

Formulas included in the IVF Support Solution

IVF Support 1 & 2

Use this combination to improve your IVF transfer chances!

IVF is an expensive procedure. Global studies have shown the average cost per baby is $40000 and an 18% live birth rate per cycle.

What this means is the if you go down the IVF trail you better be ready to pay $40000 and there’s only an 18% chance you’ll have a baby whenever you undergo an egg transfer.

Further studies have shown that properly preparing yourself leading up to IVF yields much higher success rates.

It has been shown that by using the combination of IVF Support Formula 1 & 2 together successful pregnancy rates can jump to 40% – 60% per cycle.

We recommend taking these formulas for a minimum of one month prior to an IVF cycle and for three months for optimal results.