Extra support to increase Success percentages!

Add this formula to MaybeBaby1,
Improve your pregnancy chances!

Studies have shown a clinical pregnancy rate of up to 70% when taken for 6 – 12
months when combined.

This combination has a powerful effect on a woman’s fertility and should be used by any
mother wanting to improve her chances of falling pregnant, either naturally or as a
preparation to IVF.

MaybeBaby 1 & 2 should also be taken for at least 1 – 3 months if you are undergoing
IVF and 3 – 6 months if you wish to fall pregnant naturally.



Codonopsis pilosula, root 260.2 mg

Atractylodes macrocephala, rhiz. 260.2 mg

Angelica Polymorpha, root 260.2 mg

Rehmannia glutinosa, root 260.2 mg

Paeonia lactiflora, root 260.2 mg

Poria cocos, fruiting body 195.1 mg

Ligusticum wallichii, rhiz. 195.1 mg

Glycyrrhiza uralensis, root 108.3 mg


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