Women are taught to believe that period pain is a normal part of life. When you suffer pain at any other time of the month it means that something is wrong, why is it different when you have your period?​

Young women have been poorly treated for period pain for many years. They are put on the contraceptive pill from an early age only to discover many years later that their problems are worse and the pill has only masked the symptoms.

A woman’s menstrual health is very important to her overall health. A normal healthy period should be approximately 28 days ( give or take a day or two ) with 3 – 5 days of fresh red blood, no pain, no PMS, no problems.

For those who do not have a normal healthy period we recommend taking Period Pain Formula one week before the period starts and continue until the period has finished. Repeat this for as many cycles as necessary until the pain is completely resolved.

For women who suffer very strong, chronic or debilitating pain we include Endometriosis Formula with Period Pain Formula and take both daily and consistently until all symptoms have gone. This may take 3 – 5 cycles. Within that time you should notice a strong decrease in the amount of period pain and PreMenstrual Stress you suffer, clots in the period going away entirely and the menstrual flow returning to a normal fresh, red and healthy flow.

We include Period Pain Formula in your treatment of Endometriosis to improve the pain killing action of the formula while reducing the sensation of cramps and promoting the growth of new blood that needs to be replaced by the body. Take Period Pain Formula for the same length of time as Endometriosis Formula for best results.

The ultimate aim of this formula is to have you with regular, pain free periods with a fresh red flow with no clots or discomfort. If at the end of 3 months you are still suffering some discomfort you should continue the treatment for a few more months until it is completely resolved.

Once completely resolved it should stay away permanently.

If you fall pregnant cease taking the formula immediately and start taking our Prevent Miscarriage Combination.


Rehmannia glutinosa, root 450 mg

Paeonia lactiflora, root 225 mg

Paeonia obovate, root 225 mg

Angelica polymorpha, root 225 mg

Prunus persica, seed 169 mg

Carthamus tinctorius, flower 169 mg

Ligusticum wallichii, root 169 mg

Cyperus rotundus, rhiz. 169 mg


We strongly recommend you have an accurate diagnosis from a qualified medical practitioner before purchasing our products.

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These formulas have been evaluated and approved as a registered medicine by the Therapeutic Goods of Australia.

All ingredients are accepted as safe for long term use, however if used incorrectly or without proper guidance from a medical professional may cause harm.