Return the Regular Cycle Once Again

Long Luteal Phase Treatment

This is a condition where the periods have become irregular or infrequent due to insufficient levels of progesterone produced by the corpus luteum. Symptoms will typically include darker or clotted periods, may be strong period pain and likely PMS. Over time the period takes longer and longer to start with days stretching out from 30 – 60 day cycles and beyond.

This is where Restore the Flow Formula comes in. It’s job is to reintroduce the flow by improving and increases the amount and quality of blood a woman has while concurrently reducing the stagnation of blood that caused the clotting and darker menstrual flow in the first place.

Ovance works on the first half of the cycle, the follicular phase. Restore the Flow Formula works on the 2nd half of the cycle, the luteal phase. Taking these two formulas together will balance out the hormones effectively, returning the menstrual cycle to normal much faster and promoting high quality egg growth that would have been suffering due to the extended menstrual cycle.

We recommend taking these formula for a minimum of 3 – 6 months.

All formulas should be taken at the same dose for the same amount of time until you have

recorded 2 periods in a row about 26 – 30 days apart.

If you fall pregnant cease taking the formula immediately and

start taking our Prevent Miscarriage Combination.



Paeonia veitchii, root 180 mg

Bupleurum falcatum, root 135 mg

Angelica polymorpha, root 135 mg

Ligusticum wallichii, rhiz. 135 mg

Rehmannia glutinosa, root 135 mg

Polygonatum sibiricum, root 135 mg

Cullen corylifolium, seed 135 mg

Cuscuta hygrophilae, seed 135 mg

Cyperus rotundus, rhiz. 135 mg

Lycopus lucidus, herb 135 mg

Leonurus sibiricus, herb 135 mg

Prunus persica, seed 90 mg

Salvia miltiorrhiza, root & rhiz. 90 mg

Citrus aurantium, fruit 90 mg


We strongly recommend you have an accurate diagnosis from a qualified medical practitioner before purchasing our products.

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These formulas have been evaluated and approved as a registered medicine by the Therapeutic Goods of Australia.

All ingredients are accepted as safe for long term use, however if used incorrectly or without proper guidance from a medical professional may cause harm.