Low AMH Top 10

Is low AMH making your fertility clock tick faster?
The top 10 things to know about low AMH.
What you need to know about low AMH levels and what it means for your fertility?
1. Low AMH is not a death sentence for your eggs.
Your eggs can return to normal health and fertilize once again to grow you your baby.
2. You do not need to do IVF straight away.
The costs are the highest in IVF and success rates the lowest.
There are smarter ways to solve the problem.
3. A donor egg is not necessary to create a pregnancy.
In some instances this is not true; in most, there is still hope.
4. Women with AMH levels of 0.0028 ng/ml can get pregnant.
These are some of the lowest readings possible but can turn into an egg into a baby.
Treatment is necessary.
You will not turn this score around with diet and lifestyle.
The other reading is 0.02 pmol/l if your test uses this value.
5. AMH levels need to be 1.96 ng/ml and above to fall pregnant.
Most women only need 0.14ng/ml and above to fall pregnant.
This is the same as 1.0+ pmol/l.
The further above this score the easier it is to get pregnant.
There are always other factors affecting fertility.
6. AMH levels have to do with how likely your eggs are to turn into a baby.
The lower your AMH score, the harder it is for your egg to fertilize. You may still ovulate, but your egg won’t turn into a baby even if fertilized.
7. Low AMH means ” Low Ovarian Reserve” or “Diminished Ovarian Reserve.”
Scientists are still trying to define what LOR or DOR means.
Low AMH relates to how likely your eggs are to fertilize.
It may relate to LOR or DOR, but these not the deciding factor in fertilization or pregnancy.

8. You don’t decide if you get pregnant, your body does.

Does your body have a hard time keeping up with you?
Do you wake up tired every morning?
Feel stressed out, and there are not enough hours in the day?
If your body can’t keep up with your lifestyle, it does not have enough energy to grow you a baby.
Your body makes sure of that by stopping you falling pregnant.
Like someone not adding more to their heavy load; your body lowers AMH levels not to bear more burden.
In this case pregnancy.
9. IVF does not improve AMH levels or egg quality.
Doctors may tell you there is no treatment for low AMH levels.
You may hear that IVF is your only option.
IVF does not solve egg quality problems.
There is a 4% – 8% chance you may fall pregnant per cycle and have a baby using IVF. That is all, no more.
10. Be smart about what you do next.
Most women are years into trying for a baby before they get this diagnosis.
Desperation is high.
Tens of thousands of dollars in IVF is not the only option.
 There are real-world solutions to solving low AMH problems.
Some can help your whole body improve so you can fall pregnant.
Falling pregnant is not all about low AMH.
Having a baby is all about you.
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You now know the most important things to know about a low AMH diagnosis. How you choose to use this information is up to you. We wish you the very best on your fertility journey. 

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